Transport logistics

We have our own fleet of vehicles with eight trucks and trailers. Seven of these vehicles are equipped to transport our products: hay, straw, silage, wood shavings, flax, sawdust, ...

One of the vehicles is a crane truck that is specifically used to pick up manure. As a recognized class-C manure transporter, we are active both domestically and abroad. 

In addition to transporting our own products, we also do volume transport for third parties. This mostly involves general cargo transportation from Belgium to France. An efficient combination of transport and trade is especially good for the environment. 

We also offer you the possibility to unload the products with a forklift.  


 Our own logistics

  • Own fleet of vehicles used to transport straw, hay, wood shavings, and general cargo
  • Unloading with a forklift or telescopic handler
  • Transport for third parties with volume transports 
  • Our own vehicle for picking up horse manure 
    Recognized class-C manure transporter - in Belgium and abroad

Spacious storage facilities

We have our own 18,000 m3 storage space, which ensures continuous shipments and independence from producers.

The products are stored with the utmost care in our state-of-the-art warehouses, which means that quality is always guaranteed.