Wood shavings

Wood shavings are 100% natural and completely dust-free

Storing them does not require much space and is also possible outside.

Furthermore, wood shavings look good in boxes and have a large spreading volume.







Coarse wood shavings 

Coarse wood shavings = 100% coarse shavings and extremely dust-free.

They ensure a large spreading volume 

You can choose from the following brands:

  • ROOSE brand 
  • PLOSPAN brand
  • BLANCO packaging 






Fine wood shavings 

Fine wood shavings are 100% fine shavings and extremely dust-free. 









Wood shavings mix 

Wood shavings mix is a 2nd choice wood shavings. 



The product is delivered right to your door and, if desired, we will unload it for you with a forklift.

Combination shipments are also possible: various products, such as hay, straw, and wood shavings, combined into one shipment.

Do you require specific information? Contact us without obligation or call us at +32(0)59 25 03 44.