Straw is a 100% natural product and perfectly suited for horses. It can replace part of their roughage ration, and horses that are in the stall for a long time can nibble at the straw. We have several different kinds of straw in our assortment:

  • wheat straw (best suited for horses due to better moisture absorption)
  • barley straw
  • rye straw

Straw bales delivered in your size

There are different kinds of bales:

  • rectangular 70 x 120 x 250
  • rectangular 90 x 120 x 250
  • round
  • small

As a customer, it is up to you to choose the type of bale that you find the easiest to use. If you do not have your own telescopic handler for unloading straw, we can do that for you. We rigorously selected the highest quality dry, plain, and long straw. Products originating from France, England, and Spain are selected with the utmost care. A select group of producers guarantees a continuous supply of quality straw. Straw is harvested in August. Some of it is stored at our warehouses and some of it is stored by our producers. When it is loaded onto our trucks, our drivers always carry out a preliminary quality check. The straw’s moisture is measured with a moisture meter, and the straw that is too wet for our standards is delivered to a mushroom composting company.


  • Available in 10-13-18 kg
  • Dust-free
  • Long fibres
  • Pleasant smell of fresh hay
  • Easy and hygienic to store/transport

The product is delivered right to your door and, if desired, we will unload it for you with a forklift.

Combination shipments are also possible: various products, such as hay, straw, and wood shavings, combined into one shipment.

Do you require specific information? Contact us without obligation or call us at +32(0)59 25 03 44.